'King Cuts' open in NYC May 14 .  Bernie and Hillary action figures are here!

Empire Peaks

Corrugated Kix

Art Army



'Briliant high-brow.' - New York Magazine

'Leavitt continues his assault on the wider art world in the nerdiest way possible... there is no secret to the artist's fervor.' - Huffington Post

'A sculptor who has crafted gorgeous figures to fill a glaring gap in the market.' - The London Observer

'When it comes to icons, Leavitt has a deep set of beliefs about who deserves a reserved parking space in the annals of history.' - Juxtapoz

'Like the objects that they celebrate, Leavitt's lightweight replicas sit on the border between culture and commerce.' - Wired Magazine

'Leavitt blends art, design & social commentary.' - Seattle Art Museum

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