Cardboard Kicks and Hip Hopjects

Everyday and urban objects are merely my pallette for replicating modern landscapes of life, somewhere between a painterly impression and ironic conceptual art statement. I simply think of these as 'big kid toys', as if adults can still play make-believe too. Though each object is an original sculpture hand-made from scratch, each is somewhat functional and durable enough for even a bit of light 'play'.

Listen to the CBC Radio 'Definitely Not The Opera' M.Leavitt cardboard shoe interview-
starts in the last 1/4 of the April2011 podcast.

CARDBOARD SHOES can be easily made again on-demand if they aren't already priced below. It may not exactly match the images below, but I can generally replicate any cardboard shoe I've already made. Send a message with the message form at the bottom of this page for an inquiry.