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Troy Gua

Posted: June 22nd, 2012

Most of you should be familiar with Troy’s work since he & I did a show together in 2010. At the time, we both had modest expectations for the small outpost of a gallery we were showing at. Sometimes success can be both gauged and amplified based on preconceived expectations.

Three major things happened at “Pop This” (credit Troy with the title).

#1: We got some fantastic press coverage and community engagement from the local scene up in Port Townsend. Yes this is a tiny town but, no, these are not just casual artsy folk. Much of the city is populated by professional artists who have actively chosen to relocate for a better quality of life.

#2: The installation was nuts. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been part of such a luscious body of art before. It was like an adults’ candy shop.

#3: Because of #2, there was a Big Bang of synergy. Troy and I were getting along very well already but the binding of our works created a whole ‘nother beast.

Now Troy’s career is taking this fantastic turn with one remarkable piece: Le Petit Prince. Sculpting a hilarious little figurine as an homage obviously hits my funny bone. But what I’ve failed to do with The Art Army, Troy has played in spades. Le Petit Prince is telling stories left and right. One little doll has become a muse for an entirely wonderful performance art piece without any of the dull academic diatribes of conceptual art. This is the beauty of Troy: a fluid mix of joy and pain, seriousness and pleasure, work and play.

It’s a true pleasure to watch success unfold for such a deserving talent. I’m hoping it’s only the beginning for him. I will be the last to be surprised when some supposedly-qualified evaluator finally crowns Troy Gua as the best artist of the 21st Century.