The Stress-Relieving Power of Arts

Anxiety and stress can be triggered by many causes like pressure in the workplace, heartaches, family issues, and financial troubles. However, there are various ways to relieve yourself of these negative feelings and emotions. While some people prefer going for massages or, for lack of time, get massage chairs like the sub 1k options at home, others are learning to try their hands at some arts. You’ll be amazed at how influential art is in calming the mind and relieving stress. So next time you’re besieged with that overwhelming everyday stress sensation, I recommend bringing out your glitter glue, model clay, or construction paper to destress. Let’s dig deeper to understand the stress-relieving power of art, how it works, and what art therapy is all about.

Art Therapy

Whether you’re an incredible artist or suck at it, art is a fantastic way to reduce stress quickly. A study conducted in 2016, published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy, revealed that 45 minutes of creative art could significantly reduce your stress level regardless of your talent or experience.

Why Art Is Good for Your Health

Years of research have revealed that people with neurological diseases still maintain the ability to create arts long after language and speech has failed them. Furthermore, several studies have established that visual art promotes relaxation and reduces stress, especially for hospitalized or homebound patients suffering from severe illnesses.

Ways to Relieve Stress Using Arts

There are several benefits of indulging in arts regularly, but our emphasis is on achieving stress relief through art. The following are some of the ways to accomplish that.

Visual Gratitude Journal

It’s always tricky battling anxiety and stress with a positive mindset; having a visual gratitude journal will prove to be helpful in this regard. Consider compiling paintings, drawings, photographs, or collages of magazines and newspapers of your favorite things to remind you of them and how thankful you should be. Additionally, consider keeping a visual journal to enable you to record any event that happens which inspired you.

Color Experiment

One of the ways to destress with art is to play and experiment with color. You can choose a color you love and do this at random periods. Consider tearing out newspapers with pictures of painting done with this color if you can’t paint or create artwork using this color. You can access photos of magazine color paintings online at various art websites to print those that appeal to you. Then go ahead and glue them together on another paper. Don’t concentrate on the form you’re creating; focus on enjoying the color. By focusing on the color, you steer your mind from the things causing you stress.

Collage for Self Discovery

When in self-doubt resulting from anxiety and stress, your best bet is to embark on a journey of self-discovery using art. A soul collage is the best way to accomplish this. Get blank cardboard and make a collage of words that resonates with your personality and connects or inspires you. Allow your subconscious mind to speak to you and write those words down. This method is a sure way to relieve stress.

Mood Release Through Doodling

Painting or doodling is one of the ways to release emotions. Doodling or painting helps you let out pent up emotions like anger, hurt, anxiety so you can breathe freely. Therefore, consider splashing around on a canvas with some paint or doodling solid lines whenever you’re stressed. This practice will help you release those pent up emotions resulting from stress so you can exude positive and radiant energy.

Small Wins in Artwork

There’s a kind of stress-relieving feeling that comes with accomplishing something. Maybe it’s because you might be focused on the euphoric sense of achievement that you tend to, albeit temporarily forget what’s bothering you. You don’t need to be an old hand to create a masterpiece; ensure to use a guided craft if you’re new to arts and crafts.

This measure is necessary since freestyle art might stress you out more, leaving you frustrated rather than helping you accomplish something. Experts recommend diamond painting, which they believe calms your mind and eases you from stress due to the heavy focus required while placing the rhinestones in their right place instead of concentrating on the stress’s cause. Finishing a design of the diamond painting will flood you with a warm sense of accomplishment.

Many times, art therapists and experts have uncovered the benefits of using art to relieve stress. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, drained, and depressed, take a deep breath, get a blank paper, color, a pencil or brushes, and create some fantastic art. Release your emotion, let your body and mind rest to be better prepared to deal with stress.

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