What to Look for in Creative Art Designers for Your Next Magazine

Creative art design enhances communication with others. It conveys ideas in beautiful and effective ways. It makes your magazine look good and creates a positive first impression on readers. Beautiful graphics impress your readers and create positive opinions in their minds about your magazine.

Magazine creative design also sets you apart. A good design represents your brand positively. It sticks in the minds of influencers and decision-makers subconsciously and intentionally. It makes your audience feel and look good, atop differentiating your brand.

With creative art, you can convey a professional and credible message. Good perception and presentation makes your magazine look professional and trustworthy.

Art graphics also summarize ideas using consistent and relevant imagery. It’s easier for people to look at images than read content. Consistency makes your graphics similar visually for easy brand recognition and building of trust.

Whether you run an online or print magazine, you need the right creative art designer to work on your graphics. Here’re a few things to look for in a reliable and skilled graphics designer:

16 Skills to Look for in a Creative Art Designer for Magazines

  • Creativity

Creativity allows designers to come up with new ideas and innovative designs for your magazine. They know how to tap into their creative resources to make the most impact. Look for a designer with a visual eye for creativity and innovation.

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  • Typography

This is the ability to make content legible and appealing visually. An effective art designer is highly trained on how to use different fonts and thus understands them well.

  • Communication

Designers with great communication skills are able to understand your design needs to develop satisfactory products. With communication skills, the professional can communicate your brand, story and ideas.

Find a professional with the ability to listen properly, explain elements of designs and process feedback in simple terms.

  • Adobe’s creative apps

A skilled designer knows how to use the most popular creative technologies on the market. Look for a designer with knowledge on how to use the following Adobe apps for creative design:

Most of these apps are taught in middle school and high school to equip students with basic skills they’ll need later in life.

  • Coding or programming skills

Most graphic jobs don’t require extensive coding skills, but a basic understanding of the languages. For instance, HTML knowledge helps the designer understand how to handle content on websites or blogs if your magazine is online-based.

  • Interactive media

Magazines engage users using animation, text, audio, moving images, video, or video games, depending on whether it’s online or print. A designer must be exposed to various media to be able to develop interactive media for your magazine.

  • Presentation delivery

Storytelling is an essential part of the creative art design. So, designers must possess presentation skills to enable them present complex data in simple ways your audience can understand.

  • Branding

Branding knowledge helps graphic designers to understand the needs of their target audience. But, first, the professional must understand your brand to meets the needs of your audience. Look for skills in online branding through various platforms such as social media.

  • Passion and drive for creative design

A good designer loves what they do. With big edits, odd hours, tricky workloads, and bizarre briefs to handle, a good designer has love and passion as drivers to keep them going. Love for creative design also helps master management of time and balance projects.

  • Curiosity

With interest and love for art, including curiosity, a designer can go far in their career. Hire a professional designer who looks beyond the moment to capture the big picture and tiny details of your magazine project.

  • Openness

An open creative art designer is willing to explore and try out new ideas. They also look for advice from different sources and share who they are in their work. Find a professional who isn’t afraid to expose themself.

  • Problem-solving skills

The design has various aspects, including designing beautiful graphics and solving problems. Designers must think and reason logistically and critically to succeed at their work.

Creativity doesn’t just produce something innovative and brilliant but involves working out how different parts of the design can work together. It turns innovative ideas into completed design products.

  • Ability to accept feedback and take criticism

Everyone struggles to deal with criticism. However, designers must be able to take direction and feedback to improve their communication skills and enhance their graphic design work. The evolving procedure usually gives positive outcomes.

  • Patience

With slow answers to design questions, the process is usually slow. So, professionals must be patient and allow ideas to develop into viable creations.

Patience also goes into trying out different creative alternatives and working on communication skills to deliver successful outcomes. Go with the flow.

  • Evolution

A good designer keeps studying to learn new things and keep abreast with the latest skills in the industry. Make sure that your ideal candidate often seeks avenues for inspiration and growth. They share ideas with the larger community of creative minds, try new technologies, and continue learning.

  • Reliability

Apart from the creative art design skills that your potential designer must possess, you also need someone who’s reliable and dependable. A professional you can count on manages the needs of clients, is trustworthy, and develops consistency in their work and deliverables.

Look for a designer you’ll be happy to develop a long-term working relationship with to keep both parties happy.


The creative art design is a demanding role that requires a set of skills to deliver exceptional results. When looking for a designer to work on your magazine’s graphics, make sure they’re qualified and experienced. With skills ranging from communication to creativity, there’s a lot to look out for.

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