I did all the marketing that one would wish to have for their magazines. I spent a lot of money on buying the latest marketing software and automation. I still didn't see the results. Martin, the cartoonist in Intuition Kitchen Productions, was a long term friend but didn't know what he specializes until that day; he introduced me to creative art targeted for magazines. That is a decision I wish I could have done many years before. I now enjoy the fruits of my magazine's publications.
Director, Timely magazines
As a teen's magazine editor, I was torn between trending artistic designs and the sketchy ones since I was dealing with an emotionally sensitive group. In one of my posts on improving social engagement, the word creative art was widely used. I was now on the journey to look for specialists in the field. That is when I landed in Intuition Kitchen Productions. I don't regret to date. I will recommend them any time.
Editor, Mag for Teens
I'm in charge of the children's corner in Vybes magazine- a top magazine in the fashion industry. Is there fashion without art? It was difficult to break the monotony of the usual images that entice children. In my web search, this company was first ranked. Thank Google, it was the best decision. The customer representatives are patient to listen to your desire as you also accommodate the targeted readers. As a lover of magazines and a blog writer, I have to attest that there is the power of art in juicing a magazine's content. At times when I'm bored, I peruse through the old magazines. I get inspired by the different artistic designs from various artists. It motivates me and gives me an idea of what I write in my next post on my blog. Specifically, artworks from Intuition productions have some sense of originality and uniqueness that they have managed to maintain over time. Anytime you visit their office with an idea. You will have unlimited options of the kind of artwork they use in your magazine. I will recommend them anytime.
Lucia Smith
Founder Writing pieces.com
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