Deciding to get a tattoo with your best friend is a monumental step in your friendship. It’s a unique way to celebrate your bond, a permanent reminder of the connection you share. Whether it’s a matching design or two pieces that complement each other, best friend tattoos are a beautiful testament to friendship.

Choosing the perfect design can be daunting, but it’s also an exciting journey. You’ll want something that not only captures the essence of your relationship but also stands the test of time. From symbols of shared experiences to inside jokes only you two understand, the possibilities are endless.

Key Takeaways

  • Best friend tattoos are a meaningful way to celebrate and immortalize your friendship, with options ranging from matching designs to complementary and themed tattoos that reflect shared interests or significant experiences.
  • When choosing a tattoo, it’s crucial to select a design that holds deep personal significance, considers how it will age, and reflects the essence of your unique bond, ensuring the tattoo remains a cherished symbol of your friendship over time.
  • Popular symbols for best friend tattoos include the infinity sign, yin and yang, sun and moon, and constellations or star signs, each offering unique meanings that can resonate with the nature of your friendship.
  • Matching tattoos are a popular choice for best friends, symbolizing their connection through identical designs, while complementary tattoos offer a creative way to represent the relationship with designs that complete or respond to each other.
  • The decision-making process should involve considering shared interests and memories, meaningful symbols, and consulting with a tattoo artist to ensure the design accurately captures the essence of the friendship while considering placement and size for optimal long-term satisfaction.
  • Ultimately, the perfect best friend tattoo is one that both friends find meaningful and cherish, serving as a lasting testament to their unbreakable bond and shared journey.

Different Types of Best Friend Tattoos

When it comes to commemorating your bond, the options for best friend tattoos are as diverse and unique as the friendships they symbolize. From minimalistic designs to intricate artwork, there’s a style that perfectly captures the essence of your relationship. Understanding the different types can help you and your best friend decide on a tattoo that you’ll both love for years to come.

Matching Tattoos are the quintessential choice for best friends looking to make a united statement. These tattoos are identical designs inked on each person, symbolizing a shared experience or value. Whether it’s a small symbol hidden away on your wrist or a bold piece on your forearm, matching tattoos are a profound declaration of your connection.

Complementary Tattoos take a more subtle approach. They’re designed to be two halves of a whole, creating a complete image when put together. These types of tattoos offer a creative way to represent your friendship, with each piece standing on its own yet gaining deeper meaning when combined with the other.

Themed Tattoos revolve around a shared interest or passion. They can range from favorite movies, books, or hobbies to significant life events that you’ve gone through together. Themed tattoos are a wonderful way to celebrate the unique aspects of your friendship that bring you closer.

Quote Tattoos allow you to carry words of significance with you forever. Whether it’s a line from a song that defines your friendship, a motivational quote that you both live by, or an inside joke that never gets old, having it tattooed creates a permanent reminder of your shared values and memories.

When deciding on the type of best friend tattoo to get, consider how the design will age with you and ensure it’s something that holds deep meaning to both of you. Tattoos are not just art; they’re stories on skin, memories made indelible. With the right design, your best friend tattoo will be a source of joy and a symbol of your unbreakable bond for all your days.

Meaningful Symbols for Best Friend Tattoos

When choosing the perfect symbol for your best friend tattoos, you’re not just selecting a design but a representation of your unique bond. Symbols carry weight, offering a visual narrative of your friendship’s journey, values, and shared experiences. Here, we’ll explore some universally recognized symbols that might resonate with you and your best friend’s connection.

  • Infinity Sign: A popular choice, the infinity symbol represents eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love. It’s a powerful reminder of your unbreakable bond that continues to grow stronger with time.
  • Yin and Yang: This symbol depicts balance and harmony, showcasing how you and your best friend complement each other perfectly, despite your differences. It’s ideal for friendships that balance each other out.
  • Sun and Moon: Just like the sun and moon complete a day, this symbol signifies how you and your best friend are complete with each other. Whether you’re opposites or two sides of the same coin, this design reflects your essential role in each other’s lives.
  • Constellations or Star Signs: If you share an interest in astrology, choosing constellations or star signs that represent you both can be a very personal and meaningful tattoo. It’s a nod to the stars aligning for your friendship.

It’s essential to pick a symbol that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also holds deep meaning to both of you. Remember, tattoos are permanent, so the chosen design should be something you both will cherish forever. Consider the stories you’ve shared, the trials you’ve overcome together, and the joyful moments that define your relationship. These considerations will guide you in selecting a symbol that truly encapsulates the essence of your friendship.

As you narrow down your options, think about how the design will age and how it reflects your bond. Whether you choose a well-known symbol or something uniquely personal, the most important aspect is that it resonates with both of you on a profound level.

Matching Designs for Best Friend Tattoos

When considering a tattoo that symbolizes the unbreakable bond between you and your best friend, matching designs stand out as a popular choice. These tattoos not only showcase the connection you share but also serve as a constant reminder of your friendship, no matter the distance between you.

There’s a vast array of themes and ideas to choose from when selecting a matching design. Here are some of those that top the list:

  • Puzzle Pieces: Reflecting how you perfectly fit into each other’s lives, puzzle piece tattoos are a beautiful metaphor for friendship.
  • Quotes: Splitting a meaningful quote between the two (or more) of you ensures you’re always a part of each other’s stories.
  • Coordinates: Marking a location significant to your friendship with coordinate tattoos is both unique and deeply personal.
  • Matching Animals: From wolves symbolizing a pack to a pair of birds representing freedom, animals convey various meanings that might resonate with your bond.

Aside from choosing a design, it’s essential to consider the placement. Whether it’s a discreet spot only known to you or in a more visible area, the location adds an additional layer of meaning to your tattoo. Moreover, think about the size and detail involved. Some prefer intricate designs that cover a larger area, while others opt for minimalistic tattoos that carry a powerful message despite their small size.

Choosing a tattoo artist who understands the significance of your bond and can translate that into art is crucial. It’s advisable to review their portfolio together, ensuring their style aligns with both your visions. Remember, the experience of getting best friend tattoos is as memorable as the tattoos themselves, so selecting an artist you’re both comfortable with will make the process even more special.

Ultimately, the key to a successful matching best friend tattoo lies in finding a design that deeply resonates with both of you. It should be something that you’ll both cherish for years to come, reminding you of the incredible bond you share.

Complementary Tattoos for Best Friends

When you’re exploring ideas for best friend tattoos, complementary designs hold a unique allure. These tattoos stand out because they’re not identical. Instead, they complete or respond to each other, symbolizing how you and your best friend complete each other’s lives. Let’s dive into some captivating examples of complementary tattoos that can celebrate your friendship in a subtle yet profound way.

Interlocking Pieces can be a stellar choice. Think of a tattoo that looks like a puzzle piece on your skin and the matching piece on your friend’s. When placed together, they form a perfect whole, symbolizing how you fit together in each other’s lives.

Avocado halves are becoming increasingly popular for best friends who share a love for this healthy treat. One of you gets the avocado with the pit, and the other gets the half without it. This not only showcases your shared interests but also how you’re two halves of a whole.

Quotes that complete each other are another fantastic idea. Perhaps a phrase that when split into two, may not seem significant, but when put together, reveals a deeper meaning. For example, one of you could have “To the moon” inked, and the other “And back,” rounding off the heartfelt saying, “I love you to the moon and back.”

Choosing complementary tattoos means thinking creatively about your bond. It’s about finding a design that speaks volumes about your connection, even if it’s not immediately obvious to everyone else. When selecting these tattoos, consider:

  • Personal significance of the design to both of you
  • The way the tattoos will age over time
  • Placement, ensuring they align or complete each other when together

Remember, the most important aspect is that the tattoos have deep meaning for you and your best friend. Whether it’s an inside joke, a shared memory, or a common interest, the right design can beautifully reflect your unique relationship.

Choosing the Perfect Best Friend Tattoo Design

Choosing the perfect best friend tattoo demands thoughtful consideration and a good dose of creativity. It’s not just about picking a design you both like; it’s about finding imagery that encapsulates your unique bond. To embark on this journey, start by pooling ideas that resonate with your friendship.

Shared Interests and Memories: Begin by reflecting on experiences that have defined your friendship. Are there hobbies, movies, or songs you both adore? Maybe there’s a memorable trip that has left its mark on both of you. These shared moments can inspire unique tattoo designs that are deeply personal.

Symbolic Meaning: Look for symbols that capture the essence of your relationship. Whether it’s the resilience of an anchor, the wisdom of an owl, or the balance of yin and yang, choosing a symbol with a deeper meaning can add layers of significance to your tattoos.

Consideration Examples
Shared Experiences Trips, hobbies
Personal Symbols Infinity sign, anchor
Inspirational Quotes Literary quotes, sayings
Matching or Complementary Puzzle pieces, avocados

Consultation with a Tattoo Artist: Once you have a few ideas in mind, consult with a tattoo artist. They can offer insights into how different designs translate to tattoos, considering factors such as size, placement, and color. An expert tattoo artist can also customize designs to better capture the essence of your friendship.

Placement and Size: The location and size of your tattoos are just as important as the design itself. Decide whether you want your tattoos in a place that’s visible to all or something more private. Consider how the design will scale to different sizes and how it may age over time.

By investing time in selecting a design that truly symbolizes your bond, your best friend tattoos will not only look beautiful but also hold a profound personal significance. Remember, commitment to a design you both cherish will ensure your tattoos stand the test of time, much like your friendship.


Choosing the right best friend tattoo is a journey that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about finding a design that captures the essence of your unique bond—a symbol that’ll stand the test of time just like your friendship. Whether it’s through shared symbols, meaningful quotes, or designs that complement each other, the perfect tattoo is out there. Remember, the key is in the significance of the design and how it mirrors your relationship. So take your time, consult with your tattoo artist, and make a choice that you’ll both treasure forever. After all, this isn’t just a tattoo—it’s a testament to your friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best symbols for best friend tattoos?

Symbols like the infinity sign, yin and yang, sun and moon, and constellations or star signs are popular choices. They not only look aesthetically pleasing but also hold deep meanings, making them perfect to commemorate the bond between friends.

How should I choose a best friend tattoo design?

Choose a design by reflecting on shared interests and memories, considering symbolic meanings, and exploring inspirational quotes. It’s crucial to consult with a tattoo artist to customize the design, considering factors like size, placement, and color.

What factors should be considered when choosing a best friend tattoo?

Consider the personal significance, how the tattoos will age, and the placement of the tattoos. It’s important to find a design that resonates with both friends and can be cherished for years to come.

How can I ensure my best friend tattoo looks good as it ages?

Consult with your tattoo artist about the design’s longevity, choosing locations on the body that age well, and opting for designs that will remain clear and defined over time. Proper aftercare and touch-ups can also help maintain its appearance.

What is the importance of consulting a tattoo artist for best friend tattoos?

A tattoo artist can customize your design to perfectly match your vision, considering factors like size, placement, and color. They can also offer insights into how the design will age and suggest adjustments to ensure it remains meaningful and aesthetically pleasing for years.

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