What Our Clients Say

“I did all the marketing that one would wish to have for their magazines. I spent a lot of money on buying the latest marketing software and automation.

I still didn’t see the results. Martin, the cartoonist in Intuition Kitchen Productions, was a long term friend but didn’t know what he specializes until that day; he introduced me to creative art targeted for magazines.

That is a decision I wish I could have done many years before. I now enjoy the fruits of my magazine’s publications.”



Timely magazines


“As a teen’s magazine editor, I was torn between trending artistic designs and the sketchy ones since I was dealing with an emotionally sensitive group.

In one of my posts on improving social engagement, the word creative art was widely used. I was now on the journey to look for specialists in the field.

That is when I landed in Intuition Kitchen Productions. I don’t regret to date. I will recommend them any time.”



Mag for Teens

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